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Top 5 Most Extreme Activities in the World to Try With your Loved One

If a calm and measured rest is not to your liking, and you are tired of lounging on golden beaches with european brides and exploring local sights, then you should pay attention to more active and adventure holiday in the most interesting parts of the world. Moreover, the warm season provides more opportunities to essay your powers and get a lot of unforgettable impressions. We would like to bring to your attention 5 the most extreme activities in the world to try with your beloved!

1. Dune Racing, Namibia

The beautiful city of Swakopmund is located on the west coast of Namibia. The surroundings of this city are considered one of the most attractive places in Africa for thrill-seekers. Adrenaline junkies can try many thrilling attractions, the most popular of which are sand surfing and desert racing. Thus, tourists experience the thrill and watch the wildlife of Africa.

2. Mount Kilimanjaro ascent, Tanzania

The greatest peak of Africa is located in Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania. There are six officially approved trekking routes, three of which are equipped with tourist huts. During the weekly or ten-day ascent of the mountain, tourists successively find themselves in five different climatic zones. Experienced instructors accompany tourists in the mountain climbing, so it is a safe and exciting adventure!

3. Diving with sharks, South Africa

Cape Town is known for the high concentration of sharks in coastal waters. It makes this city one of the most popular places for those who like to tickle the nerves and get adrenaline rush. After all, there is an opportunity to experience exciting sensations when dipping into the water infested by sharks. Moreover, Cape Town is a city on the very edge of the African continent and one of the most attractive resorts in the world. There are a lot of exciting activities for a perfect date with a loved one!

4. Trail of Death, China

Huashan Mountain in China reaches a height of about 2 thousand meters and is famous for its extreme routes. The most dangerous and scary tourist attraction is the Trail of Death or the bridge over the abyss, which cannot be called a bridge either. This shaky construction with a width of no more than 40 cm has no hand-rails and safety fencing. You will pass the route rather using hands, not feet. Not everyone dares to step on the bridge. However, those who overcome their own fear and go through a difficult path receive a high reward - the opportunity to see the breathtaking panorama that is visible only from the southern top of the mountain.

5. Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

This dangerous type of entertainment became known to the whole world thanks to Ernest Hemingway, who lived in Pamplona for a long time and wrote a piece about this city called “The Sun Also Rises”.

Thousands of tourists come to Pamplona to see the San Fermin festival which takes place every summer. Thrill-seekers participate in the traditional running of the bulls through the city streets. Brave adventurers, who wish to risk their lives, dress in special clothes and try to run next to furious animals at least a few meters and remain uninjured.

A lot of tourists come to Pamplona to get the powerful adrenaline rush. Those 3 minutes, which lasts the race, often become the most exciting moments in the lives of many people.