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                    DYB portable explosion-proof series

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                    The single-phase explosion-proof electric fuel pump has passed the strict temperature and seismic resistance test, the protection grade IP55, the oil pump can run continuously, the corrosion-resistant oil seal, the anti-corrosion coating, the built-in bypass protection valve, high quality, safe and reliable. Use household electricity, super self-priming, quick refueling, and install a filter bottom valve to clean diesel. The pump is exquisitely designed and suitable for all kinds of construction machinery, which overcomes the difficulty of refueling on the construction site. The oil pipe can be installed according to customer's requirements. The flowmeter is used as a simple tanker. It can transport flammable and explosive media such as gasoline, alcohol, methanol, etc.

                    1. For gasoline, diesel, kerosene, gasoline and methanol;

                    2, vane pump, corrosion-resistant oil seal, safe and reliable;

                    3. Cast iron pump body, anti-corrosion coating;

                    220V explosion-proof motor IP55

                    4, built-in 100 micron filter, easy to clean;

                    5, cast aluminum motor, protection grade IP55;

                    6, continuous operation;

                    7, built-in relief valve

                    性能參數Technical Specification
                    型號 Model口徑Size(mm)流量Flow(L/min)揚程Head(m)功率Power(KW)電壓Valtage(V)轉速Speed(rpm)材質Material葉輪 Impellererial

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