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                    Stainless steel explosion-proof submersible pump

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                    I. product overview of HWQ series stainless steel submersible pump

                    1. HWQ series non-embroidered steel submersible electric pump adopts non-embroidered steel design and is composed of water pump, seal and motor. The motor is located in the upper part of the electric pump, which is a single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motor structure, and the pump is located in the lower part of the motor. It is made of precision casting and non-embroidered steel cylinder, which is beautiful and elegant. It is rust-proof, corrosion-resistant and pollution-free.

                    2, the electric pump USES the double end face assembly mechanical seal device, has the seal reliable use safety characteristic. Seals and o-rings can be used according to the medium conditions of corrosion resistant fluorine rubber, safety and health.

                    3, the overall structure of the pump is compact, small volume, light weight, convenient maintenance, diving liquid can be used. The electric pump is equipped with overheat current protector to prevent the motor from overheating due to overload.

                    Ii. HWQ series stainless steel submersible pump main USES:

                    1. The power is 0.75kw, the flow is 1-8m /h, the head is 0~30m, the voltage is 220V 380V, the frequency is 50~60HZ, the outlet diameter is 32mm, the operating pressure is 0.2mpa and the pressure is 0.3mpa.

                    2. Applicable to building, pharmaceutical, beverage, sea water, corrosive medium, etc. A variety of special requirements such as chemical, oil station, oil depot, minerals and other special occasions.

                    Iii. Operating conditions of HWQ series stainless steel submersible pump:

                    1. The medium temperature shall not exceed 120℃ above zero to 30℃ below zero. The volume ratio of solid impurities in the medium shall not exceed 0.1%, and the particle size shall not be greater than 0.2mm.

                    2, the electric pump can be submerged under the liquid, can be used upright. However, the liquid shall not be lower than the impeller of the electric pump, so as not to cause insufficient liquid output from the electric pump and insufficient cooling of the motor.

                    3, such as the transfer of dirt, need to install a filter screen in the electric pump impeller bottom plate, so as to avoid the impeller caused by internal blockage, do not use the debris should be cleaned in time.

                    Iv. Main performance parameters of HWQ series stainless steel submersible pump:

                    Pump typepressure(Mpa)-traffic(L/min)The performance testvoltage:220V/380VBare pump noise:≤70dbClose the valve and maintain pressure for 3min, detect the leakage record of pump casting and sealing surface (with/without)Using range
                    Ball valve fully open max pressure:≥100L/minCritical work point(pressure=0.25Mpa)traffic:≥25L/minBall valve full off pressure:≥0.3MPa5 tons urea solution equipment recharging pump
                    HWQ32-8-30125300.3220V/380VstandardThere is no
                    Pump typemax suction(m)max traffic(m3/h)max lift(m)Rated power(Kw)solutionCAL(mm)
                    HWQ32-8-30There is no8300.75The urea32

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