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                    Flameproof submersible pump (submersible pump)

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                    I. product overview

                    HWQ explosion-proof submersible pump is a new generation pump product successfully developed on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology and combining with the use characteristics of domestic water pumps. It has the characteristics of remarkable energy saving, anti-winding, non-blocking, automatic installation and automatic control.

                    This series pump adopts the unique impeller structure and the new mechanical seal, can effectively transport the liquid material. Compared with the traditional impeller, the impeller of the pump adopts the form of single flow channel or double flow channel, which is similar to a section of the same size of the bend pipe, has a very good flow, with a reasonable cochlear chamber, so that the pump has high efficiency, the impeller through static and static balance test, so that the pump in operation without vibration.

                    Ii. Product features:

                    1. Large flow channel anti-blocking hydraulic parts are adopted to greatly improve the liquid passing capacity

                    2. Reasonable design, reasonable matching motor, high efficiency, significant energy saving effect.

                    3. The mechanical seal with double tandem seal, material is hard to bear or endure corrupt, tungsten carbide, has many characteristics, such as durable, wear-resisting, can make the safe running more than 8000 hours continuously.

                    4. The pump is compact in structure, small in volume, easy to move, easy to install, no need to build a pump room, it can work by diving into the water, greatly reducing the project cost.

                    5. The pump oil chamber is equipped with an oil-water probe. When the mechanical seal on the pump side is damaged and water enters the oil chamber, the probe will signal and protect the pump.

                    6. According to the needs of users, the automatic safety protection control cabinet can be equipped to monitor the water leakage, electricity leakage, overload and overtemperature of the pump, so as to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the pump.

                    7. Double guide rail automatic coupling installation system, to pump installation, maintenance has brought great convenience, people can not for in and out of the sump.

                    8. The float switch according to the required water level change, automatic control of pump rev. Stop, don't need specialist care.

                    9. In the use of lift range of motor running but load.

                    10. According to the usage situation of the motor, the water jacket type external circulation cooling system can be adopted to ensure the safe operation of the electric pump in the state of no water (dry type).

                    11. There are two installation methods: fixed automatic coupling installation and mobile free installation, which can meet different usage occasions.

                    Iii. Application of the product:

                    1.Discharge of waste water seriously polluted by factories and businesses.

                    2. Drainage system of municipal sewage treatment plant.

                    3, residential sewage drainage station.

                    4. Civil air defense system drainage station.

                    5. Sewage discharge from hospitals and hotels.

                    6. Municipal engineering and construction sites.

                    7. Supporting machines for exploration and mining.

                    8. Farm irrigation in rural biogas digester.

                    9. Water supply device of waterworks.

                    Iv. Pump operating conditions:

                    1. The medium temperature shall not exceed 150℃, and the weight shall be 1.0~1.3kg/dm', and the PH value shall be within the range of 5~9.

                    2. No internal armature circulation cooling system pump, motor part of the exposed liquid level no more than 1/2.

                    V. technical parameters:


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