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                    SB high speed barrel pump series

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                    First, the product overview

                    SB type electric oil drum pump (plug pump, pump) is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, oil stores, chemical reagents, oil depots and other places to transport general chemical acid and alkali liquids, oil products and liquids. The pump is beautiful in appearance, light in weight, simple in operation and widely praised by users. It is an ideal product to replace the imported electric drum pump of the same specification.

                    Second, product features

                    Applicable to flammable and explosive places with explosion-proof capability, Class IIB, and ignition temperature not lower than T4.

                    It has the characteristics of safety and reliability, reasonable structure, advanced technology, high efficiency and convenient maintenance.

                    性能參數Technical Specification
                    型號 Model口徑Size(mm)流量Flow(L/min)揚程Head(m)功率Power(KW)電壓Valtage(V)轉速Speed(rpm)材質Material葉輪/出口材質Impeller/portMaterial
                     SB-1 45/2513080.8822010000不銹鋼不銹鋼/不銹鋼

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