Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Former ambassador stresses Prince Bandar’s role in supplying chemical weapons to Syria rebels

Former Syrian Ambassador to Ankara Nidal Qablan described as shameful the stances adopted by some of his country’s neighbors, and said that Saudi Intelligence Chief Prince Bandar Bin Sultan has supplied the armed rebels in Syria with chemical weapons.

“Armed rebels have been equipped with chemical weapons by Prince Sultan,” Qablan told FNA’s correspondent in Damascus on Tuesday.

He underlined that everyone is aware of what is going on in Al-Rushaid Airport under the auspices of the Saudi Deputy Defense Minister, Salman Bin Sultan.

“Jordan has sheltered and trained the terrorists and after arming them sends them to Syria,” Qablan said.

He further said that everyone is aware of the large military training center in Jordan where thousands of mercenaries are being trained and equipped with chemical weapons by the Saudi Intelligence Chief.

Last week, rebels and local residents in Ghouta also said Prince Bandar has supplied chemical weapons to an al-Qaeda linked rebel group in the area, adding that the rebels caused the last month chemical attack on suburban Damascus.



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