Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cop admits to soliciting a bribe at hookah bar (video)

He was supposed to protect and serve. Instead, a DeKalb County police officer has resigned in disgrace after admitting he solicited a bribe and became violent after he noticed someone shooting video of the transaction.

Officer Brandon Brown had just finished working a part-time job at Meskerem, an Ethiopian restaurant and hookah bar on Clairmont Rd., early in the morning on August 5th when an employee told him someone there was smoking pot. Brown confronted the suspect.

“I’m telling you,” Brown said to the suspect, “this is like a $500 ticket.”

“We can work something out,” the suspect replied.

Retelling the story to DeKalb County Police Internal Affairs investigators, Brown admitted he solicited a bribe.

“Fifty dollars, just give me fifty. And I walked away,” the officer said.

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