Monday, September 9, 2013

China frees journalist turned in by Yahoo

A Chinese activist who was arrested nearly a decade ago after a politically sensitive email he sent was disclosed by Yahoo has been released from prison, a writers' group has reported.

Authorities sentenced Shi Tao, a journalist and poet in the central Chinese city Changsha, to a 10-year jail term in April 2005 for "illegally providing state secrets to foreign entities". It was later revealed that the US internet giant Yahoo had given the Chinese government access to Shi's email account, facilitating his arrest.

Shi, 45, was released in the north-western city Yinchuan on 23 August, 15 months before the end of his sentence, according the Independent Chinese Pen Centre, an affiliate of the nonprofit writer's group Pen International. He is currently living with his mother in Yinchuan, the group said in a statement on Saturday. The reasons for his early release are still unclear.



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