Thursday, September 5, 2013

Several Chinese ships close to the shores of Syria

Russian news outlet is reporting that China has sent warships to the coast of Syria. Sources claim that the Chinese amphibian assault ship Jinggangshan was seen passing the Red Sea towards the Suez Canal.

According to the website, China's deployment of warships to the region had been decided a long time ago and that the ships would not be in any way involved in a potential conflict.

Meanwhile, Russia is increasing its naval presence near Syria. Russian military sources said Moscow is dispatching a missile cruiser and two destroyers to the east Mediterranean to assume the navy's operations in the region. 

The Russian Cruiser Moskva is heading to the Gibraltar Straits and will enter the east Mediterranean by Sept. 17. 

On Tuesday, a high-ranking Iranian military official announced the possibility of warship deployment to the Mediterranean, the Pacific Ocean and distant coasts in the southern hemisphere. 

The US navy has deployed an amphibious transport ship to join five US destroyers in the Eastern Mediterranean. A French navy anti-aircraft frigate was dispatched in the direction of Syria on Thursday, August 29. 



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