Monday, September 16, 2013

Afghanistan accuses Pakistan of shelling border

Afghan officials on Monday accused the Pakistani military of firing roughly 40 missiles over the eastern Kunar province within the last 24 hours.

"There is no human loss, but the shelling damaged crops, forests and property," Kunar Governor Shuja-ul-Mulk Jalalah told Anadolu Agency.

He accused the Pakistani army of targeting the remote Nari and Dangam districts of his province.

"This is not the first time Pakistani forces fired missiles at Afghan soil," Kunar police chief Abdul Habib Saidkhail told AA.

He said some people had been killed and wounded in similar Pakistani shelling within the past three years, but could not provide exact death tolls.

"We are trying hard to secure the province so that people can live in peace," Saidkhail said. "But such attacks make people angry at Pakistan, which creates tension."

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