Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ron Paul accurately predicted what would happen at the dreadful debate - nothing

Moscow to block US from monitoring Russia's nuke arsenal

Moscow plans to halt its participation in the Nunn-Lugar Program, in which the US funds Russia’s dismantling of its arsenal of nuclear weapons, a Russian media outlet reported.

Russia no longer requires US aid and can continue with the program unassisted, Kommersant daily newspaper reported. In addition, Moscow explained the decision by the necessity to prevent secret data leak.


Six-year-old dies in China after dad forced her to run for hours

The father of a 6-year-old girl who died after enduring hours of physical punishmenthas been detained, said local police in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province Monday.

The 30-year-old suspect, surnamed Zhang, hit his daughter with shoes and demandedthe girl run on the spot for six hours on Friday. Late that night she woke complaining ofa stomachache and soon lost consciousness, reported.


Indigent man held in prison 5 years - before goring to trial - because of Louisiana budget woes

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether it was constitutional for Louisiana to take five years to try an indigent man for murder because it lacked the funds to pay for a court-appointed attorney.

Jonathan Edward Boyer was convicted of killing trucker Bradlee Marsh, after being offered a ride. Prosecutors initially charged Boyer with first-degree murder and he faced a possible death penalty. But after five years, charges were reduced to second-degree murder and armed robbery with intent to use a firearm.


Iraq PM: Turkey not threatened by Syria, don't overblow war or drag in NATO

NATO must not use protecting Turkey as a pretext to intervene in Syria, the Iraqi PM said during a Russian press conference. The statement followed an escalation of tensions between Turkey and Syria following last week’s cross-border shelling.

“The story goes that supposedly Syrian planes dropped bombs on Turkish territory, but everything has been over-exaggerated, even if it did really happen,” Nouri al-Maliki said.


Pentagon deploys military forces to Jordan-Syria border

US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has confirmed that US troops have been dispatched to the Jordan-Syrian border to help bolster the former’s military capabilities in case violence escalates in the volatile region.

“We have been working with Jordan for a period of time now…on a number of issues that have developed as a result of what’s happening in Syria," Panetta said. He said chief among those issues were the “humanitarian needs” that has developed as a result of the refugee influx into Jordan.


Arab monarchies: Muslim Brotherhood 'source of all problems in Islamic world'

The rulers of several major Arab nations have accused the Muslim Brotherhood of ambitions to seize power illegitimately. Several governments branded the organization a major threat to stability as the party’s influence grows steadily.

After the Muslim Brotherhood legally took power in Egypt’s elections, with Brotherhood member Mohamed Morsi becoming President, several Arab Gulf states expressed concern. Monarchies that narrowly escaped the Arab Spring were taken aback when a popular Islamist party suddenly became a key player in the region.


TSA forces dying leukemia patient to take off bandages

A 34-year-old woman with terminal leukemia went through the Seattle-Tacoma Airport recently to take the last trip of her life — a vacation to Hawaii. She says she was traumatized, however, after the TSA humiliated her at a security check-point.

Michelle Dunaj of Roseville, Michigan eventually made her way to Hawaii after leaving the Washington State airport on October 2, but not without incident. She says that Transportation Security Administration agents were far from understanding and made her uncomfortable as she attempted to catch her departing flight. Dunaj tells reporters that officers with the TSA told her she couldn’t have a private pat-down and instead made her remove her bandages and even ruined a bag of saline solution she was carrying with her, all within plain sight of every other treveler passing through the security station.


Turkish jets force down Syrian passenger plane

Turkish fighter jets forced a Syrian passenger jet to land at the airport in the Turkish capital Ankara on Wednesday, Turkey's NTV television reported.


Minister: Iran faces 500 daily cyber attacks

Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology Reza Taqipour announced on Wednesday that the country's internet network comes under 500 cyber attacks each day.


Feds investigating claims of anti-Semitism in UC Berkeley admin

Federal officials have launched an investigation into whether or not officials at UC Berkeley created a hostile environment for Jewish students by encouraging anti-Israel demonstrations, university administrators confirmed to Campus Reform late last week.


Pussy Riot members freed after Moscow court appeal

A Moscow appeals court has released one of the jailed members of anti-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot, but ordered two others to serve the remainder of their two-year jail term in a Russian prison colony.


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation contractors arrested in connection with grate thefts along highway

An Eyewitness News Exclusive - thieves leave potentially dangerous road hazards around Philadelphia and PennDOT is shocked to learn who is accused of doing the stealing for scrap metal.

Then came news of an arrest on Tuesday of four men, subcontractors hired by PennDOT to maintain the highways.


Police launch hunt for BBS child abuse accomplices

Police said their initial inquiry was expected to be completed by the end of next month. But the crisis for the BBC is likely to linger much longer.

Savile was one of the corporation’s biggest stars of TV and radio of the 1970s and 1980s, and knighted in 1990.


Police: Man tries to rob bank of $1 in hopes to be sent to prison

A man tried to rob a Pennsylvania bank of $1 because he hoped to be sent to a federal prison nearby, police said.

Jeffrey McMullen, a 50-year-old regular customer of an AmeriServ bank in the western Pennsylvania town of Northern Cambria, handed notes to two tellers Friday demanding a dollar, according to a police complaint reported by The Tribune-Democrat of Johnstown.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

GOP now ironically begging Ron Paul supporters for help

The Houston Chronicle posted their weekly report on Saturday detailing their top 10 most popular articles of the week. Third most popular was an article describing GOP Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan's plea to Ron Paul supporters, begging for their support, just weeks after the GOP and the media egregiously shunned Paul supporters at the national convention and throughout the entire 2012 nomination process.

Potentially hoping the vast majority of Ron Paul's supporters have already forgotten how badly they were treated during the election season, by the GOP establishment, in almost every state that Paul's supporters had an opportunity to participate, all of the sudden it seems as though Paul's supporters are important enough to the Republicans that they feel it necessary to now start begging for support.


October surprise: US and Israel prepare to strike Iran

The United States and Israel are already involved in discussions over how they could soon conduct a joint surgical strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, a source close to the talks tells Foreign Policy magazine.

After months of urging from Israeli authorities for the US to intervene in a rumored Iranian plan to procure a nuke, a source speaking on condition of anonymity tells Foreign Policy’s David Rothkopf that the two allies have come close to signing off on an attack against Iran.


Officer claims 'pressure' to reduce security at Libya mission

A green beret officer who was involved in security at the U.S. mission in Libya that came under attack in September leading to the deaths of four Americans says there was high-level “pressure” to reduce security at the compound, CBS News reports.

Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, who led a 16-member counterterrorism team in Libya, is set to testify before a congressional committee on Wednesday. He told CBS that the slain U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, had grown concerned with security at the mission, but at the same time pressure came from “higher headquarters at State Department” to draw down security.


Surprise: During recession, Congress's wealth went up 5% while rest of Americans lost 39%

The Great Recession hit a lot of Americans very hard. But members of Congress largely skated through the terrible economic downturn, and many even came out ahead.

While the American median household net worth plummeted 39% from 2007 to 2010, the median estimated wealth of lawmakers increased 5% during the same period, according to The Washington Post.


Commander: US AWACS planes shooed away from Iran's airspace

A senior Iranian air defense commander stressed Iran's capability to confront US spy planes and drones, and said his forces have so far alerted tens of US spy planes, including the advanced Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft, to keep away from Iranian airspace.

"In the last ten years, we have issued countless warnings even to those US AWACS airplanes which were flying over Iraq's airspace or along the free airspace of the Persian Gulf," Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base Brigadier General Farzad Esmayeeli told FNA, and noted that the spy planes received immediate warnings when they tried to approach Iran's airspace in violation of the international regulations.


Iraq PM confirms $4 billion arms deal with Russia

Russia will deliver attack helicopters and mobile air-defense systems to Iraq in arms deals worth $4.2 billion signed earlier this year, it was disclosed today during a visit to Moscow by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in which he met his counterpart Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.


Washington does not accept Japan's claims to Diaoyu Islands

A US Congressional report said Washington has never recognized Japan's sovereigntyover the Diaoyu Islands and takes no position over the territorial row between Japanand China.

The report, published on Sept 25 by the Congressional Research Service, said the USrecognizes only Japan's administrative power over the Diaoyu Islands after the Okinawa Reversion Treaty was signed in 1971.


This year, Lockheed donated to election campaigns of 386 of 435 members of House of Representatives

Lockheed Martin has really been spreading the campaign contributions around the U.S. House this year. So far, nearly 90% of representatives have received money from the largest defense contractor in the country.

Of the 435 House members, 386 accepted such Lockheed-related contributions, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.


Greek anti-fascist protesters 'tortured by police' after Golden Dawn clash

Fifteen anti-fascist protesters arrested in Athens during a clash with supporters of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn have said they were tortured in the Attica General Police Directorate (GADA) - the Athens equivalent of Scotland Yard - and subjected to what their lawyer describes as an Abu Ghraib-style humiliation.

Members of a second group of 25 who were arrested after demonstrating in support of their fellow anti-fascists the next day said they were beaten and made to strip naked and bend over in front of officers and other protesters inside the same police station.


Cook County mulling violence tax on guns and ammunition

Drawing the ire of the gun lobby, Cook County Board President Preckwinkle is eyeing a violence tax on guns and ammunition sold in the city and suburbs, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

Such a tax alone wouldn’t close a $115 million budget gap in 2013, but it could at least funnel money into the county’s $3 billion operation — where roughly two-thirds of the budget pays for both the county’s public health clinics and two hospitals along with the criminal justice system that includes the courts and jail.


Mysterious algorithm was 4% trading activity last week

A single mysterious computer program that placed orders — and then subsequently canceled them — made up 4 percent of all quote traffic in the U.S. stock market last week, according to the top tracker of high-frequency trading activity. The motive of the algorithm is still unclear.

The program placed orders in 25-millisecond bursts involving about 500 stocks, according to Nanex, a market data firm. The algorithm never executed a single trade, and it abruptly ended at about 10:30 a.m. ET Friday.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Teen arrested after grabbing Dallas officer by testicles during altercation

A man has been charged with Assault on a Public Servant after getting into an altercation with a Dallas police officer and grabbing the lawman by the testicles.

According to a police report, Cory Weddington III had just been thrown out of the Havana Lounge, in the 4000 block of Cedar Springs Road, for being underage and getting caught drinking.


The New Word Order of Russia, China and a weak U.S.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared that the Obama administration’s “Reset” in relations with Russia “cannot last forever,” and must be followed by a closer relationship, according to a Reuters news report. Lavrov, however, is willing to wait until the outcome of the elections in the U.S. for more specifics.


Obama cabinet is scary roster of ex-radicals

I tweeted recently about shocking news in The Daily Caller that Attorney General Eric Holder, as a Columbia University student and leader of the Student Afro-American Society (SAS), participated in the armed takeover of a vacant campus ROTC office. The takeover lasted five days in the spring of 1970. The online news site added: “Department of Justice spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler has not responded to questions from The Daily Caller about whether Holder himself was armed — and, if so, with what sort of weapon.”


H.R. 6566: "Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act"

HR 6566 IH
2d Session
H. R. 6566
To amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to require the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning, and for other purposes.

September 28, 2012

Ms. RICHARDSON introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and in addition to the Committee on Homeland Security, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned

To amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to require the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning, and for other purposes.
    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the ‘Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act’.


    Congress finds the following:
      (1) Emergency preparedness often plans for how to prepare and provide for survivors of a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster, but fails to plan for how to prepare for and respond to mass fatalities that result from such an incident.
      (2) Funeral homes, cemeteries, and mortuaries could be overwhelmed should mass fatalities arise from a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster.
      (3) Different religions have different customs surrounding death; for example, the Jewish and Muslim religions call for burial of the deceased not later than 48 hours after death.


    Section 504 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (6 U.S.C. 314) is amended by adding at the end the following new subsection:
    ‘(c) Preparedness for Mass Fatalities- In carrying out this section, the Administrator shall provide guidance to and coordinate with appropriate individuals, including representatives from different communities, private sector businesses, non-profit organizations, and religious organizations, to prepare for and respond to a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster that results in mass fatalities.’.

Columbia classmate and former Libertarian Party VP candidate: Obama using IRS to punish me

The former Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate who has claimed Barack Obama was unknown to him and his fellow Columbia University classmates charges the president is using the Internal Revenue Service to punish and silence him.

Wayne Allyn Root - a pre-law and political science major in the class of 1983, like the president - told WND that despite a spotless tax record, he became the target of an audit in January 2011 when he received an “unsettling” call from an IRS agent who called himself a fan of his and considered it “an honor” to audit him.


Wear radio chip or leave, school tells students

Brushing aside privacy concerns by parents and civil rights activists, a Texas school district has gone live with a controversial program requiring all students to wear a locator radio chip that will enable officials to track their every move - or face expulsion.

At the beginning of the school year students at John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School within the Northside Independent School District were told their old student ID badges were no longer valid. During registration they were required to obtain new badges containing a radio frequency identification tracker chip.


U.S. army officers in Israel to prepare for joint drill

U.S. army officers have begun arriving in Israel ahead of joint military maneuvers between the countries' armed forces, the Yediot Achronotnewspaper reported on Sunday.

The officers will supervise the arrival of hundreds of U.S. troops on October 14 for joint maneuvers that will take place the following week and last for three weeks, the report, quoted byAFP, said.


'Food terrorism' a new concern in China-Japan rift

In a matter of weeks from mid-September, Japan-China relations have chilled to a level not seen in recent memory.

“In China, Japanese nationals have been singled out for attacks, such as the hot broth from a bowl of noodles being flung on a Japanese customer, or a man assaulted on the street in Hong Kong,” a Japanese exchange student in China tells Shukan Jitsuwa (Oct 18).


United Nations children's agency, UNICEF, scales back, may exit Russia

UNICEF, the United Nations children's agency, is cutting back its presence on the ground in Russia and might even exit the country, a development experts described as a significant blow to children's welfare.

The decision reflects a failure to negotiate a new operating agreement with the Kremlin, which is increasingly eager for Russia to be regarded as a donor country rather than a recipient of aid.


Russian Foreign Minister plays down U.S. microelectronics smuggling arrests

The Foreign Ministry on Thursday complained that it had not been properly informed by United States authorities that a group of Russian citizens had been arrested on charges of smuggling microelectronics, raising “serious concerns” for Russia, Interfax reported.

“A lot is unclear in this story. It raises serious concerns, and we are counting on U.S. authorities to protect the rights and interests of the Russian citizens who have been arrested and face these charges,” Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told journalists.


George Osborne: 'Trade in your rights for company shares'

People who accept the shares will have to waive their rights to redundancy or to sue for unfair dismissal and will not be able to request flexible working hours. The Treasury will not levy capital gains tax when workers sell their shares, which can be worth between £2,000 and £50,000.

The scheme, which is intended to help smaller start-up companies, was unveiled by the Chancellor during his speech to the Conservative Party conference. It led to claims that the Government is trying to bribe people to surrender employment rights.


Iowa cops seek suspect who defaced Obama 2012 banner with "Muslim Lier" graffiti

Iowa cops are looking for a spelling-challenged vandal who defaced a banner outside the Obama campaign’s headquarters in Des Moines by spray-painting the words “Muslim Lier.

The graffiti was added to a “large Obama 2012 blue sign” hanging outside campaign headquarters on Hubbell Avenue, according to a Des Moines Police Department report.


Florida man, 74, arrested for battering wife, 47, during argument over "Obama and Romney"

A 74-year-old Florida man was arrested yesterday after an argument with his wife over the presidential election turned violent, police charge.

Peter Schwartz is facing a domestic violence charge for allegedly striking his 47-year-old spouse in the face and shoving her to the ground.


Paramount Pictures unveils plan for £2bn theme park in Britain

Hollywood film giant Paramount has unveiled plans for a new £2billion theme park in Britain to rival Disneyland Paris.

The proposed development would create up to 27,000 jobs and transform an 872-acre brownfield site in the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent.

The 'world-class' venue will feature Europe’s largest indoor water park, theatres, live music venues, attractions, cinemas, restaurants, event space and hotels and, if given the green light, will be twice the size of Olympic Park in East London.


Romney the Wilsonian: US should be more assertive on world stage

Declaring that "it's time to change course in the Middle East" and accusing Obama of "passivity," the Republican presidential nominee called for the U.S. to work with other countries to arm the Syrian rebels to help them defeat President Bashar Assad's "tanks, helicopters and fighter jets." Romney aides said he is not calling for the U.S. to directly arm the rebels, but said he would support helping other countries provide the opposition with enough weaponry to force Assad from power.


Congress: Chinese tech firms pose threat

Lawmakers are warning U.S. companies not to do business with two of the world's largest telecommunications equipment makers. The U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee released a report Monday after an 11-month investigation about the business practices of Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp, Chinese firms that develop and sell telecom communications equipment like routers, handsets and switches. The report recommends that Huawei and ZTE be excluded from expanding their businesses in the U.S. because of cyber espionage risk and connections to the Chinese government.


High school students suspended for possession of energy mints

A group of high school students in Pekin, Ill., were suspended last week after school officials suspected the mints they were eating were actually illegal drugs.

Jason McMichael, the father of one of the students, told the Journal Star that his 17-year-old son Eric was suspended for two days from Pekin Community High School and not allowed to attend the school's homecoming festivities after staffers found four students eating energy mint tablets that are marketed like caffeine energy drinks.


Chinese banks not to attend Tokyo's IMF-World Bank meeting

China's major banks confirmed with Xinhua Monday that they will not attend the International Monetary Fund (IMF)-World Bank meeting that opens Tuesday in Tokyo.

The banks include the country's four state-owned banks -- the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agriculture Bank of China. The ICBC is the world's largest lender by market value.

The banks' decision was made after bilateral relations between China and Japan became strained, after the Japanese government announced its decision on Sept. 10 to "purchase" the Diaoyu Islands, which are China's inherent territory, analysts said.


Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril

Tucked into the U.S. Supreme Court’s agenda this fall is a little-known case that could upend your ability to resell everything from your grandmother’s antique furniture to your iPhone 4.

At issue in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons is the first-sale doctrine in copyright law, which allows you to buy and then sell things like electronics, books, artwork and furniture, as well as CDs and DVDs, without getting permission from the copyright holder of those products.


California governor's veto lets state agencies disrupt protesters' cell phone communications

Six months after Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) officials disrupted a protest rally over police brutality by shutting down wireless service in the subway, the California legislature unanimously passed Senate Bill 1160, requiring a court order before such actions can be taken.

But on September 29, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the bill, echoing warnings from law enforcement that it would interfere with “barricade, hostage and emergency circumstances.” He applauded the legislation’s attempt to limit interruption of wireless service to only “the most extreme circumstances,” but said the bill was too restrictive.


China ready for protracted war with Japan

China and Japan issued a joint statement to establish the diplomatic relations 40 yearsago and the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries could havebeen a new start. However, the current bilateral relations feature decreasing politicaland economic cooperation, tense diplomacy and blocked non-governmentalexchanges. The wrong moves of Japan have brought the Sino-Japan relations to thecrossroad.

Japan has coveted the Diaoyu Islands for centuries. With China's rapid development,Japan staged the farce of "islands-buying" at the expense of 40 years’ Sino-Japanfriendship. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda disguised as a "victim" and madea complaint in the United Nations, in an attempt to make known to the internationalcommunity that Japan claims sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands.


China: Half-naked man gnaws woman's face, bites cop

A HALF-NAKED rag picker in Foshan City has been detained after gnawing on awoman's face on the street and then biting the arm of a police officer who arrived toarrest him, local media reported yesterday.

The victim, surnamed Pan, told Guangdong TV news that the man, naked to the waist,accosted her on the street on Saturday afternoon, pushed her into a corner andstarted to gnaw on her face.

"I shouted to him asking what is he doing, but he kept seizing my head and suddenlybit me on the face," Pan said.

Pan got seven stitches on her face. She said she didn't know the man, identified bypolice as a rag picker from Zhanjiang City in Guangdong.

Chen Dongsheng, a police officer in Foshan, told reporters that police saw the woman,with her face bleeding, running from a half-naked man.


Homeless in California capital win payment for police destruction of their belongings

Those who lost their belongings banded together in a class-action lawsuit that challenged the legality of the officers’ actions on the basis that the police threw away their possessions without providing the campsite residents a way of getting them back. The lost possessions included tents, sleeping bags and medicine. The city will cut $796,050 in checks to 1,143 people involved in the case. The checks are expected to range from $400 to $750.


Obama administration claims it can't be sued over indiscriminate wiretapping

Claiming immunity from civil action, the Obama administration is fighting two lawsuits seeking to end the alleged electronic surveillance of Americans.

One lawsuit, brought by lead plaintiff Carolyn Jewel on behalf of current and former AT&T customers, claims the company helped the National Security Agency eavesdrop on them.

The other case, filed by Virginia Schubert and three others, addresses all Americans who have been subjected to illegal spying by the government.


Million-dollar foreign donation to pro-Romney super PAC raises legal questions

Foreign businesses and individuals are barred from contributing to U.S. election campaigns. But what about an American firm that’s foreign owned, such as the one that gave Mitt Romney $1 million?

The legality of such a gift has been raised in light of the million-dollar donation to Restore Our Future, a Pro-Romney super PAC, from reinsurance company OdysseyRe of Connecticut.


Kyrgyzstan's former prosecutor arrested on coup charges

Kyrgyzstan's former military prosecutor Kubatbek Kozhonaliyev has been arrested over an alleged coup attempt, his lawyer said on Monday.

Last Wednesday demonstrators in the country’s capital Bishkek demanded the nationalization of the Kumtor goldfield, and then tried to storm parliament, throwing rocks at security forces. Riot police broke up the demonstration, in which 12 were injured.


Survey: Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi among the 15 wealthiest members of Congress

The annual rankings by Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper, showed the two San Francisco Democrats have a combined worth of at least $48 million, and potentially much more. Five Californians made the top 50.


Rahm's hard line on parking, traffic tickets robs $70 million from citizens

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s hard-line approach to dunning deadbeats has boosted debt collection by $70 million this year — twice as much as anticipated — fueling the mayor’s promise to hold the line on taxes, fines and fees in 2013.


Russian protest leader summoned over 'treason' claims

Russian opposition leader Sergei Udaltsov said on Monday he had been summoned by investigators over allegations aired on federal television that he had conspired to launch a violent revolution.


China: Over 660,000 officials punished for corruption in five years

Anti-corruption bodies of the Communist Party of China (CPC) have punished more than 660,000 officials guilty of disciplinary violations in the past five years, senior leader He Guoqiang announced on Monday.


Intelligence Minister: Iran standing against enemies' daily cyber attacks

Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi announced on Monday that Iran is involved in massive and continued cyber war with the enemies who make constant attempts to harm the country's infrastructures, saying that Iran's highly skilled experts have deterred all enemy threats.


Israeli cyber attacks targeted offshore oil, gas platforms - Iran IT head

Iran’s offshore oil and gas platforms were the targets of the cyber attacks aimed at crippling the country. All threats were repelled and Israel was behind them, according to head of IT at the Iranian Offshore Oil Company, Mohammad Reza Golshani.

Golshani told Reuters that the attack happened over the past couple of weeks, was routed through China, and affected only the communications systems of the network.


Meet Imran Khan, the Ron Paul of Pakistan

Ron Paul‘s appeal is mostly limited to Americans. However, Pakistan now has its version of Ron Paul. His name is Imran Khan. Westerners should get accustomed to the name, because he will likely be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan is making news today by leading a March to Waziristan, where most US drone strikes occur. Americans and British protesters have joined in the march to one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Imran Khan has stated that if anything happens it will be the fault of the President, Asif Ali Zardari.


Pakistani military blocks anti-drone protest from entering tribal region

Makeshift roadblocks, security threats and warnings from Pakistan's army forced Imran Khan to abandon his unprecedented attempt to lead a cavalcade of anti-drone protesters deep into the country's restive tribal belt on Sunday.

Leading a convoy of thousands, the former cricketer was within striking distance of South Waziristan, where the CIA uses remote-controlled planes in the fight against Islamist militants, when he abruptly turned back.


Report: solicits foreign contributions for prez

-- Obama Campaign Lacks the Industry-Standard Level Of Credit Card Security For Donations, But Uses It For Merchandise Purchases: To purchase Obama campaign merchandise, the campaign requires buyers to enter their credit card CVV security code, but does not require the credit card security code to be entered when making an online campaign donation. By GAI's estimates, the Obama campaign's failure to utilize industry-standard protections potentially costs the campaign millions in extra processing fees.

-- Purchased By An Obama Bundler In Shanghai, China With Questionable Business Ties to State-Run Chinese Enterprises: In 2008, was purchased by an Obama fundraiser living in Shanghai, China, whose business is heavily dependent on relationships with Chinese state-run television and other state-owned entities.

-- 68% Of Traffic To Anonymously Registered Is Foreign: According to industry leading web analytics site Markosweb, an anonymously registered redirect site ( features 68% foreign traffic. Starting in December 2011, the site was linked to a specific donation page on the official campaign website for ten months. The page loaded a tracking number, 634930, into a space on the website labeled "who encouraged you to make this donation." That tracking number is embedded in the source code for and is associated with the Obama Victory Fund. In early September 2012, the page began redirecting to the standard Obama Victory Fund donation page. Search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, using common spamming techniques, may have also been undertaken by unknown third-parties, generating foreign traffic to


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Printing Press Bernanke warns Congress: Don't change law to review Fed's policy discussions

Chairman Ben Bernanke offered a wide-ranging defense Monday of the Federal Reserve’s bold policies to stimulate the still-weak economy.

The Fed needs to drive down long-term borrowing rates because the economy isn’t growing fast enough to reduce high unemployment, Bernanke said in a speech to the Economic Club of Indiana. The unemployment rate is 8.1 percent.


Professor: Drones will soon be able to kill during war without human assistance

Agence France-Presse is reporting that the Pentagon wants its drones to be more autonomous, so that they can run with little to no assistance from people.

“Before they were blind, deaf and dumb,” Mark Maybury, chief scientist for the U.S. Air Force, told AFP. “Now we’re beginning to make them to see, hear and sense.”


Univision: Juarez drug cartel leader 'El Diego' was captured with Fast and Furious weapons

When Mexican authorities took Juarez drug cartel carnage king Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez — better known as “El Diego” — into custody, he had weapons from Operation Fast and Furious on his person, the English-language transcript of the Spanish-language television network Univision’s special investigation into the scandal shows.


US military secretly sprayed radioactive particles in St. Louis and Texas

A college professor from St. Louis, Missouri claims that allegedly harmless chemical sprays that doused the city in the 1950s and ‘60s as a Cold War-era protection measure was something much more sinister.

Lisa Martino-Taylor, a sociologist at the St. Louis Community College in the Midwest, has been endlessly digging through publically available archives and documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests to learn more about a bizarre spraying program that blanketed parts of her hometown and other cities during the Cold War. At the time, the US Army admitted to showering certain locales with a chemical mixture, but said it was to test smoke screens they’d deploy to shield St. Louis from any nuclear assault by way of Russia. According to Martino-Taylor, the Army and others misled the public and actually poisoned residents of St. Louis and other cities with a dangerous compound composed of zinc cadmium sulfide and radioactive elements.


NYPD to patrol Facebook for gang activity

The New York Police Department is planning to double the size of its gang unit to 300 officers who will have the ability to utilize social media outlets such as Facebook using false names to track suspects.

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly made the announcement before he was scheduled to appear at the International Association of Chiefs of Police in San Diego on Tuesday.


Moscow warns NATO on itchy trigger finger in Syria

Russia has expressed concern that some provocation could occur at the Turkish-Syrian border that may give NATO the green light to intervene in Syria.

"In our contacts with our partners both in NATO and in the region, including on international forums, we have called on them not to look for pretexts in order to carry out a [military] operation," Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told reporters on Tuesday in Moscow.


N. Korea accuses US of attempting to spark war

A top North Korean diplomat lays the blame for unceasing tensions between the Koreas solely on the US. The Korean peninsula is the world’s biggest hotspot, he acknowledged, mentioning thermonuclear conflict as a possibility.

Speaking at the final session of the UN 193-member General Assembly, North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Pak Kil-yon announced that, “Due to the continued US hostile policy towards the DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea], the vicious cycle of confrontation and aggravation of tension is an ongoing phenomenon on the Korean Peninsula, which has become the world's most dangerous hotspot where a spark of fire could set off a thermonuclear war."


Scientists create GM cow to cut milk allergies in children

Scientists have created a genetically modified (GM) cow that produces milk with low levels of a protein known to cause allergic reactions in a significant proportion of children. The researchers believe it could one day lead to the sale of "hypoallergenic" milk from herds of GM cows.


North and South Korea 'on the verge of nuclear war'

Pak Kil-yon, Pyongyang's vice-foreign minster, put the blame for the tense state of inter-Korean relations firmly on South Korea's conservative government and claimed the citizens of the North feel "shame" and "political terror."


Michigan professor strips naked in class, shouts 'there is no f--king God'

According to multiple sources, the math teacher stripped naked in the middle of his Calculus 1 class and started shouting obscenities.

Freshman Kyle Hillman told while walking the class through a routine derivative equation, McCarthy said, "Math is all about questions and answers. And Steve Jobs invented the computer, but what do computers do? They ask questions and we answer them."


Pollster under oath: Polls are campaign propaganda

In May, the pollster for Al Gore's presidential bid in 2000 and John Edwards's in 2004 and 2008, Harrison Hickman, took the stand in the federal criminal case against Edwards over alleged campaign finance violations stemming from payments to support Edwards's mistress.

Hickman testified that when circulating the polls, he didn't much care if they were accurate. "I didn't necessarily take any of these as for—as you would say, for the truth of the matter. I took them more as something that could be used as propaganda for the campaign," the veteran pollster said.


Drug industry pays out $10 billion in fraud settlements in less than 2 years

The rate at which the pharmaceutical industry is settling lawsuits continues to soar, with the last two years witnessing a 50% increase in payouts compared to the previous two decades.

From 1991 to 2010, drug companies forked over $20 billion to resolve various civil and criminal allegations. But in less than two years (from November 2010 to July 2012), the industry shelled out another $10 billion in settlements, according to Public Citizen, a consumer watchdog organization.


VA cited for excessive conference spending and 'weak' leadership

The Veterans Affairs Department spent more than $6 million on two conferences in the summer of 2011, much of which was deemed wasteful and excessive, according to an internal investigation.

The report, issued by VA’s inspector general’s office, called the human resources conferences in Orlando, Fla., “valid training” exercises, but said the department lacked the leadership to “provide proper oversight.”


Monday, October 1, 2012

Ron Paul is the real Ayn Rand, Paul Ryan is the impostor

Watching Paul Ryan whine about the injustices of the supposedly evil liberal media, while other conservative and partisan Republicans whine about the supposedly evil rigged liberal polls, I thought of Ayn Rand. Didn't Mitt Romney recently castigate much of the nation for failing to take personal responsibility? Give Ron Paul credit for this: Agree with him or not, at least he does some justice to the philosophy of Rand and the concept of taking responsibility. As for Paul Ryan, if Ayn Rand ever heard Ryan's whining about the media, she would give him a serious spanking and demand a refund of her campaign donation.


Romney facing Ron Paul's revenge in battleground Nevada

A disaster. A train wreck. A mess. These are how people in Reno are describing the Republican party in Nevada, a state that used to be solidly red but has turned into a true swing state in recent years.

Nevada's Republican party is in such disarray, thanks to the divisive primary battles, that Mitt Romney had to bring in his own people — known here as Team Nevada or sometimes Team Romney — to provide the campaign heft that the state party would normally give.


Video: Woman hit by police officer

70 federal agencies owe $14 million in unpaid taxes, but names of agencies censored

A new report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration said that 70 U.S. government offices collectively owe $13,867,144 in taxes. The taxes are not for income, because federal agencies are exempt from paying such taxes. According to the report, “More than 90 percent of the delinquent taxes owed are employment taxes, which include monies withheld from employees’ wages that are required to be remitted to the IRS on the employees’ behalf. These taxes are necessary to support Federal programs like Social Security and Medicare.”


Pentagon documents refer to WikiLeaks members as Enemies of the State, equal to Al-Qaeda

According to an unprecedented legal theory apparently adopted by the Obama administration, persons and entities who leak or publish classified information are “enemies” of the United States punishable by death or life imprisonment. If this theory had been applied to recent leaks, it would have meant death or life in prison for Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg and the editors of The New York Times and The Washington Post who published them, as well as for Lewis “Scooter” Libby, who leaked a CIA agent’s identity, and Post columnist Robert Novak, who published the operative’s name.


California: Driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new law that will allow hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses and vetoed another that would have restricted sheriffs from helping federal authorities detain undocumented Californians for potential deportation.


Ex-TSA agent: We steal from travelers all the time

A TSA agent convicted of stealing more than $800,000 worth of goods from travelers said this type of theft is “commonplace” among airport security. Almost 400 TSA officers have been fired for stealing from passengers since 2003.

Pythias Brown, a former Transportation Security Administration officer at Newark Liberty International Airport, spent four years stealing everything he could from luggage and security checkpoints, including clothing, laptops, cameras, Nintendo Wiis, video games and cash.


Report revives speculations on Azerbaijan-Israel plot against Iran

Israel might resort to Azerbaijan’s strategic geographic position to strike Iran’s atomic sites, Reuters has reported, reviving rumours officially denied by both Israel and Azerbaijan.

Leaked intelligence from two former Azeri military officers with links to serving personnel and two Russian intelligence sources all told Reuters that Baku and Tel Aviv are considering the Azeri bases for military use against Tehran.

If Tel Aviv is to act without Washington’s support, the Israeli war plan would need to compensate for the handicap of acting alone - notably carrying out long-range reconnaissance, bombardment and rescue missions.


Iran: UN members demanding inspection of Israel's nuclear facilities

Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said Israel's nuclear arsenal has turned into a major source threat to international peace and security and many UN member states are now demanding an immediate inspection of Israel's atomic facilities due to the same concern.


Justifying illegal taxation: DREAM Act boosts economy

DREAM Act would boost economy, think tank says

If illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children were given legal status, their improved access to college and better jobs would add $329 billion and 1.4 million jobs to the nation's economy over two decades, according to a report set for release today.

The report found that up to 223,000 of the 2.1 million young illegal immigrants eligible for the DREAM Act would have an easier time enrolling, paying for and finishing college, which would lead to the increased economic gains.


The Economic Benefits of Passing the DREAM Act

Until now, much of the debate surrounding the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act—a bill to provide a pathway to legal status for eligible young people who were brought here as children and who complete high school and some college or military service—focused on legal, ethical, and logistical concerns. But there are other important benefits of enacting the DREAM Act, most importantly the boost to the economy.

This report takes a close look at this economic perspective. We present an analysis to understand what would happen if the United States were to grant a pathway to legal status to an estimated 2.1 million eligible youth in our country by passing the DREAM Act. Overall, we find that the passage of the DREAM Act would add $329 billion to the U.S. economy and create 1.4 million new jobs by 2030, demonstrating the potential of the proposed law to boost economic growth and improve our nation’s fiscal health.


University professor: Conservatives dislike Obama because he is black

A prominent university professor delivered a speech last week in which she accused conservatives of disliking President Obama because of his race.

“No one predicted the virulence of this hostility to Obama,” Professor Linda Gordon of New York University said, speaking before a crowd of students. “I believe that much of it is racial and that it is compounded by his rational, considered, intellectual style.”


College professor: Conservatives injecting presidential politics with race

A prominent university professor on Tuesday attacked conservatives, suggesting they have intentionally charged the ongoing presidential election with issues of race.

“Everything from N-word head to Michelle Bachmann’s revision of history, to food stamp president -- it’s all coming from the right,” continued Peterson who was speaking on Martin Bashir’s MSNBC show.


Russia to arm Nicaragua's war on drugs

Moscow says it is ready to supply equipment and weapons to Nicaragua as the global fight against the scourge of drug production and smuggling continues.

Cooperation with the Central American country “comes down to the question of weapons, uniforms and police equipment,"Viktor Ivanov, head of the Federal Drug Control Service, told reporters following negotiations with Nicaraguan police chief Aminta Granera in Moscow.


Russia must close NED, other US fronts for money laundering (Op-Ed)

Russia’s decision to shut down the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Moscow, starting October 1st, was immediately followed by Washington’s “pledge to maneuver around the Kremlin,” according to a New York Times report.

Indeed, State Department Press Secretary Victoria Nuland assured: “We will continue to be vigilant in supporting democracy, human rights, civil society in Russia. We’ll just do it another way.” Other US officials named possible avenues for such maneuvering: The National Endowment for Democracy, the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute and others.


Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase slapped lightly on corporate wrists for financial malfeasance

Federal regulators have fined Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase for breaking securities and futures rules, respectively.

Goldman Sachs was ordered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to pay $12 million to settle pay-to-play charges.


UN considers imposing global taxes

The United Nations will stay busy even after the annual General Assembly meetings wrap up this week, and on the agenda for upcoming debates are whether several global taxes should be implemented to milk rich member states and assist the impoverished.

The United Nations plans to finalize their agenda for the rest of this year’s session this week in order to establish a game plan stretching into December, and Fox News reports that among the issues to be discussed during future hearings will be a series of international taxes that will take from the rich and give to the poor, with the UN General Assembly essentially acting as a global Robin Hood aiding countries that are still struggling to emerge.


Court won't hear appeal over TSA scanners

The Supreme Court won’t hear a Michigan man’s attempt to challenge the use of full body scanners at airports.


AAR hires Rothschild to help finance BP stake buy

BP’s Russian billionaire partners in TNK-BP have hired Rothschild Group to help organize a loan to buy the British oil major’s entire 50 percent stake in the joint venture, AAR spokesman Mikhail Loskutov said on Monday.

“Late last week, the AAR consortium hired Rothschild Group to help syndicate banks to finance a deal for the repurchase of BP’s stake in TNK-BP,” Loskutov told Prime news agency.


US helicopter fleet arrives in Okinawa despite safety fears

Six MV-22 Osprey flew from Iwakuni base on Japan's mainland, where they have been waiting for deployment since arriving from the US in July to the Futenma marine corps base.

Their delayed arrival in Okinawa, which hosts more than half of the 47,000 US troops in Japan, came after Tokyo said it was satisfied by Washington's assurances over the aircraft's safety record.


Medicare fines hospitals for readmitted patients

As of Monday, Medicare will start fining hospitals that have too many patients readmitted within 30 days of discharge due to complications. The penalties are part of a broader push under President Barack Obama's health care law to improve quality while also trying to save taxpayers money.


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